There is a huge potential in capturing large events from the air, providing exceptional content to be used for promotion and marketing of these events. 

Vision Airways are able to film and photograph events, capturing amazing angles that cannot be shown with ground based photography. We strictly adhere to the UK legislation and are fully CAA approved, giving us the ability to provide these services safely.

We must advise that we cannot operate over or within 150m of an organised open air assembly of more than 1,000 people - we may be able to provide alternatives using zoom lenses or applying for extended permissions from the CAA or ensuring that every attendee is briefed and comfortable for the use of drones. We will need plenty of notice to ensure we can operate safely on groups of 1,000 or more.

Wedding Photography & Video

Drones use in weddings have already shown some fantastic results, capturing your special day in a unique and mesmerizing way. 

We can organise shapes or words to be spelled out from the air, using guests or cars - as well as a group photo that captures everyone in one photo.

Please contact us to discuss any ideas you would like us to help you achieve at your wedding.